General information about the services we offer - 


  • Psychometric assessment

Formal Psychometric Educational testing is often used by schools to identify learning difficulties or deficits in core  skills, doctors in diagnosing ADHD, and schools for applications for special provisions for higher school certificate examinations.

  • General Paediatric Psychological Therapy

A range of tested therapies are employed to help manage or resolve general psychological problems that include anxiety/panic, depression, esteem, social skills, obsessive-compulsive, eating disorders. 

  • ADD / ADHD Management

Research suggests that even in children who use medication to improve concentration, their outcomes are enhanced with practical strategies aimed at organisation skills, time management, social interactions, and smooth family running.


  • Behavioural Management

Behavioural programs are designed and implemented with parents where there are behavioural issues at home, school or both. 


  • Homework / Study management


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